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Future Focused Learning | STEAM Robotics Dubai

Recently the interest in programs targeting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) is rapidly growing, with educators and others focusing on where the jobs are right now and where they will be in the future. Rather than teaching these five disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, we believe that educational institutes should integrate these five areas into “interdependent” learning units based on real-world applications.

Our aim is to work with schools to adapt their existing curriculum and to integrate STEAM, in order to prepare our current and future workforce for a STEAM-based economy.

Shortages reported across the globe suggest that workers do not have the necessary skills to fill positions in tech-based industries. To meet this growing demand, it is imperative that young people have an opportunity to experience and develop an interest in the key areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, and leave education with the necessary skills required to work in these industries.

What skills will a future workforce need?

This question leads to a greater focus on the development of competencies and transferable skills, which an integrated curriculum can help achieve. The emphasis should not entirely be on skill development but also on innovation and design.

It is important to understand that innovation focuses on how people and societies have worked in the past, how they work today, and what they want and need from the future. The future workforce requires knowledge of history and development of citizenship and a broader set of skills that includes creativity and communication.

Our future focused learning model concentrates on enabling young learners to develop their thinking and learning with the use of digital technologies through STEAM.