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UNIMAT 1 Basic


UNIMAT 1 Basic was developed specifically for working with wood. The user will be delighted with the UNIMAT 1 Basic, as their creativity allows them to form turned work pieces and jigsaw models, entirely by hand. Children and beginners can easily make their first steps in woodworking.

Included in the kit are the components for a jigsaw, variations of woodturning machines, a handheld or stationary sander or a handheld drilling machine.

All the machines of the UNIMAT 1 Basic are child-friendly. Due to the short stroke of the jigsaw blade, the fingers of a young carpenter cannot be injured. At the same time, the accurate and precise cutting of the saw delights professionals.

Suitable for children from 8 years upwards.

You can find all information under basic

Here you can download our UNIMAT 1 Basic instructions: UNIMAT 1 Basic Instructions


Machine bed 271 mm, 12V motor, 12V safety-adaptor, headstock, tailstock, 2x intermediate piece, jig-saw, woodturning rest, 2x sanding disc with sanding paper, collets 1 to 6 mm, turning chissel, drill, screwdriver, safety glasses, material starter package, …

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