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Makeblock Neuron_Artist Kit


The Neuron Artist Kit is a set of programmable electronic blocks designed to help children develop critical skills such as arts and coding. This kit includes 8 electronic blocks (sound sensor, LED panel, ranging sensor and more) and 6 paper cut-out packs. Children can easily make fun stuff themselves, like a ukulele, a xylophone, a cloud lantern, an infinity band, a LED sword and a magical drum.

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  • Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit
  • Features 8 Electronic blocks and guides
  • Includes Pogo Pin Connectors
  • Its blocks are easily connectable
  • Age: 8 years

The Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit features 8 Electronic blocks and guides, Master Science Through Playing: Each block comes with a guide. The guide tells children what the working principles are, how the block is useful and how to code the block.

Pogo Pin Connectors, Spark Creativity in a Snap: The magnetic Pogo Pin design makes it easy to connect blocks together. You don’t need to worry that blocks might be connected reversely anymore.

Magnetic design: All the Neuron modules have a magnetic back so they can be held on flat magnetized surfaces, like whiteboards or refrigerators. Teachers and parents can use them to instruct children either in class or at home. Makeblock, the global leading brand in STEAM education solution.


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