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Codey Rocky_EN_Bluetooth Dongle Edition


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• What is Codey Rocky?
Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEAM education. Children can use emotion commands, like “happy” “sad”, to give Codey Rocky a unique personality. children will find learning coding a fun thing.
10+ programmable electronic modules make Codey Rocky perceive the change of sound light and color. The LED display, the speaker, the motor and the RGB light worktogether to make Codey Rocky show lovely facial expressions and behave as programmed. You can easily see how your code work in the real world.
With the mBlock 5, children can easily get started with coding by dragging and dropping those coding blocks. And that’s not the end. The software allows children to move on to explore the advanced language, Python. The Wifi block included helps connect Codey Rocky to the Internet to get weather data.


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