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Abacus STEAM Education for Kids | Improve Mental Arithmetic Skills

Improve your mental arithmetic skills

Using a Soroban (Abacus)

Course Name: Abacus

Course Type: Group – Online and In Person

No. of sessions: 12

Location: J3 Mall – Al Wasl Rd – Al Manara – Dubai


Start learning today! One -to-one sessions available on request

Course Desicription

Improve your child’s arithmetic abilities in a short span of time using the Japanese mental arithmetic program of Genius MAP.

This group course improves creativity, logic, concentration and much more.            

  • Mental Arithmetic calculations are carried out with a virtual image of the Soroban, improving concentrations and listening skills.
  • Critical thinking opportunities through a variety of different brain development games.

Use the AbacusPro application to carry out visual calculations and track progress.